Online Profile Login


The Online Profile Login is a method of securely logging into a Core-apps app that can connect attendee data and client data together. Some clients opt to use this feature when their own websites (external to the Core-apps event site) feature member logins, or when they otherwise wish to connect external data into Core-apps. This login process will also maintain a user profile in the event that the app needs to be deleted, the cache is cleared, or data is otherwise wiped.

Note: Not all clients/events use OPL. If this feature is not being utilized, you will not see the prompts in the app outlined below.



Online Profile Login is generally found within the app's settings. 


Once selected, the user will be prompted to login using OPL credentials. These credentials are generally imported from the client and are often login credentials for the organization's site proper.


In the event that you are unable to login using OPL, it is best to contact the event organizer/client directly. Because these login credentials are often imported, Core-apps support agents are unable to view or alter them and can only bring the event organizer/client into the email chain to further assist.


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