What tasks need to be completed before meeting with my Implementation Specialist?

There are a few items that you need to complete before you begin working with your Implementation Specialist, which is typically scheduled 10-12 weeks prior to your event start date. Having these tasks completed by that time is vital to a successful project timeline for your mobile even app launch.

Before meeting with your Implementation Specialist, complete the following tasks:

  1. Create your Apple/Google Developer Accounts

  2. Design and load your mobile app graphics, including optional Sponsor Launch Graphics if applicable

  3. Design your MSA Graphics to have ready for your Implementation Specialist

  4. Prepare your map image(s)

  5. Provide social media account links

  6. Have data ready via Excel or API Provider

  7. Consider your mobile app theme, icons, and customization options

  8. Prepare your App Store Description (brief description)

  9. Ensure all required items are complete for Apple Submission

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