How do I create/access my Apple and Google Developer Accounts?

Please make sure your Apple developer account is up to date with all agreements accepted, and that Core-Apps has admin access. We will handle the Google account setup on our end.   

Don’t have an Apple Developer account? To obtain an Apple Developer account, please click here. This needs to be completed as quickly as possible to avoid delays, as Apple has both account and app review processes that do not have exact timelines and are outside of our control.  

  • Do you already have your Apple Developer account set up?
    • Once this is set up, please provide the details to your Implementation Specialist.
  • Is your Developer Agreement still in term? If so, when was the last time you went in and accepted any Terms and Conditions updates or Developer Agreements? These need to be up to date for us to manage the app build. 
    • Please provide these details to your Implementation Specialist
  • Is Core Apps added to your account as an admin? If not, please invite as an admin in your Apple Developer account so we can manage the app build. 
    • Please provide these details to your Implementation Specialist.

Important Note:

It is extremely important that your Apple Developer account is clearly related to your organization. If Apple cannot easily determine the correlation between your Apple Developer account name and your mobile app, they will reject the app. This is completely out of control for the Core-apps team.

For example, if your mobile app is tied to a specific US state program, your Apple Developer account must be for that same US state.

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