What data do I need to provide to my Implementation Specialist?

To add apps to existing Multi Show Apps, we require session, sponsors/exhibitor, and speaker data to be provided in an Excel spreadsheet or electronically from your provider. Preliminary data is acceptable. You will be able to update data throughout the app build process, if using API feeds this article provides more information on the API data sync schedule. At minimum, you must have two of the three below data sets along with a map image for app submission. 

For each data set, consider these questions: 

  1. Will you send your data to us via spreadsheet or is your data housed in an API feed coming from another system (i.e. registration provider)?
  2. If API integration, will this data come from the same provider again this year or is it a new provider? 
  3. If same as before, should the formatting/display of this data match exactly what we achieved in last year’s app? 

List of Sessions/Events: Should include Title, Location, Description, Track, Start Date, End Date, Start Time, End Time, Session ID.  

List of Speakers: Should include Name, Title, Company, Bio, URL to photo if available, Speaker ID, List of session IDs associated with. 

List of Sponsors/Exhibitors: Should include Name, Address, URL, Fax, Phone, Email, Description, Booth Number(s), Exhibitor ID. 

*List of Abstracts/Products: Should include Abstract ID & Abstract Name at minimum.

*Attendee Data for the app login feature (OPL): Should include Name and Email at minimum.  


Note: Events (Sessions), Speakers, Exhibitors come with all contracts. All others, including, but not limited to, Abstracts, Attendees (& OPL), Products, exhibitor floor plan are dependent upon your contract. 

*May require additional contracted data sets and will require the same criteria as those listed above. 

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