How can I customize my mobile app?

The Theme Editor and Dashboard Studio areas of Core-apps provide you the ability to edit your mobile app theme, icons, and more.


A custom template and color scheme is required. You will choose and set up an app theme and color scheme using our Theme Editor tool with your Admin Site access.  

You will use the Dashboard Studio tool to add icons, change out icon graphics, and reorganize icons to the order you would like to see in the app. You can use this tool with your Admin Site access.

Icon library Options 


Your app is an extension of your brand. The sooner we can secure a look and feel, the more familiar and comfortable your users will feel with their app experience. In addition, as app store approval processes become more thorough and scrutinizing, it is important we stay ahead by making your app truly your own. There are many ways to accomplish this goal:  

  • Custom background image: A custom background image is recommended for submission, but not required. At minimum, your app theme and color palette must be chosen. If you have a custom background image, you will put this in place via the Admin Site’s Theme Editor tool.  
    • If you load a custom background image, that image should be 750x1080 pixels and saved in PNG format (or EPS at 300dpi). This size ensures scalability for most mobile devices.

  • Custom captions for your dashboard icons: You will have access to customize the captions (text below each app icon) within your Admin Site.  

  • Icon order: Reorganize the dashboard icon order via the Dashboard Studio tool to fit your attendees needs. Don’t forget to also re-order your Quick Navigation bar which appears at the bottom of the main app dashboard!

Consider taking the Theme Editor & Dashboard Studio online module for more information regarding these tools.

* Please be sure that the design/theme of your app dashboard is approved for public view at the time of your app’s submission. Should you want to modify the app theme/design following approval, updating through Apple is required (7-10 day turnaround) for screenshots of the dashboard to appear. 

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