How do I add an alert?

From the Home page of the Admin Site, select the Alerts tab at the top.



Once the Alerts page loads, select Add Alert.


From here, fill out the fields on the page.

  • Summary: Add the title of your alert that attendees will see. Short, sweet, and to the point is best.

  • Date: Enter the date and time you want the alert to be sent out.
    • DATE FORMAT: must be in mm/dd/yyyy format
    • TIME FORMAT: 12h:mm AM/PM or Military Time (24h). 
      • If you are using 12h time and do not add AM or PM, it will revert to Military Time. If possible, always use Military Time.

  • Description: Add all the additional details of the alert. Limited HTML functionality is available.

  • Live Alert Preview: Shows what the alert will look like with the Summary and Description.

  • From Exhibitor: If an alert is Sponsored by an Exhibitor/Sponsor, you can select that Exhibitor/Sponsor from the drop-down menu. This will add a button in the alert that attendees can click and go directly to the Exhibitors/Sponsors listing in the app.

  • Push to iOS and Android: If you want a specific alert to be pushed to users’ devices, select this box.
    • Pro Tips: Best practice is no more than 4-6 push alerts a day. Only those attendees with push notifications turned on will receive the push alert. We also recommend avoiding this checkbox for a welcome alert.

  • Click Save Alert
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