Show Info Tab: Deep Dive Online Course 

This three-module course is meant for those who would like to know the ins and outs of the Show Info Tab in Core-apps. This tab contains several areas where clients can customize what appears on the mobile application. 

Module One: Required and Optional Information (approximately 9 minutes) 

The Show Info tab in Core-apps is home to multiple subtabs where you will enter information about your event: Required Information, Optional Information, Show Dailies, Show Documents, Info Pages, Popular Captions, and Theme Editor. In this first module of the Show Info Tab: Deep Dive course, you will look at the fields available in the Required Information and Optional Information areas. Reviewing these sections will give you the know-how to set up your mobile application logo, your launch graphics, and more. Click here to access this module. 

Module Two: Show Dailies & Documents, Info Pages, and Popular Captions (approximately 11 minutes) 

Adding event documents, editing information pages to reflect event details, and using consistent language throughout the application will help mobile app users navigate your event with ease. In this second module of the Show Info Tab: Deep Divecourse, we will look at how to utilize the Show Dailies, Show Documents, Info Pages, and Popular Captions tabs to ensure you know how to easily add and edit information that will help guide users through your event comfortably and successfully. Click here to access this module. 

Module Three: Theme Editor and Dashboard Studio (approximately 13 minutes) 

Editing your application color scheme and dashboard icons are great ways to get creative and make your event unique to your organization and for mobile application users. In this third module of the Show Info Tab: Deep Dive course, we will cover tips and tricks to utilize while working in the Theme Editor tab of Core-apps, as well as the Dashboard Studio. Click here to access this module. 

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