iPad Specific Opening Launch Screen Graphic Specifications

Requirements for an iPad Specific Opening Launch Screen Graphic Specifications

• A high-quality square graphic, in a rasterized PNG or JPG graphic measuring 2048x2048 pixels, 300 dpi.

• Graphic should have all essential information within the middle 50% or 1152x1152 pixels.

• Graphic can bleed from the inner 1152x1152 area into a square area to be included in its respective
Portrait or Landscape orientation, but outside of that will be cropped.

For example, the graphic (2048x2048 pixels) should have an 896 pixel wide area around and outside of all four sides of where the logo and any text will go. This area will be cropped into to provide full-screen graphics on the various device resolutions we support. Therefore, it is important to not place elements that are important area.

The RED and GREEN borders below demonstrate what is displayed on the iPad in Portrait and Landscape
orientations. The “safe” area is the BLACK/ GREEN square in the middle.


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