What are the requirements for Sponsor Launch Graphics?

Sponsor Launch Graphics (Optional)

Sponsor launch graphics are not required, but if uploaded are visible for a few seconds while app updates are syncing to the user's mobile device before they are taken to the App Dashboard. Use the graphic specifications below for the best user experience:

  • 640Wx960H pixels, 300 dpi, .png format 
  • 640Wx1136H pixels, 300dpi, .png format 
  • 2048Wx2048H pixels, 300dpi, .png format 
  • 2048Wx1536H pixels, 300dpi, .png format
  • 1920Wx1080H pixels, 300dpi, .png format
  • 1536Wx 2048H pixels, 300dpi, .png format
  • 1080Wx1920H pixels, 300dpi, .png format
  • 1125x2436 pixels, 300dpi, .png format

Once these graphics are created, they can be loaded into the show's Admin Site. Please refer to our online modules for more information.



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